AUZi Broking

What Can AUZi Broking Do For You?

AUZi Insurance has been the home of public and products liability insurance for all of your small business needs for a number of years. We are known as being one of the best in the biz when it comes to user experience, satisfaction, and service – and we want to be able to keep providing these fantastic experiences to AUZi’s all around the country. 

In order to take steps towards servicing as many Australians as possible, as well as becoming an all-in-one comprehensive insurance platform, we are extremely excited to introduce AUZi Broking into the mix. 

At AUZi Broking, you’ll have access to a team of specialists with over 40 years of combined insurance experience, and access to some of Australia’s leading insurers; QBE, CGU, Allianz, Hollard and IAL being just a few. 

Having a comprehensive insurance broker makes it easier for you by;

But what do we do, Exactly?

Small Business Insurance

We understand that insurance can be a daunting task for many new business owners, which is why AUZi Broking has an established team ready to provide you with qualified and sound advice surrounding the risks you may face. 

Going directly to an insurer can lead to problems, as they mightn’t provide you with the correct information needed for your specific situation, which can expose you to unexpected risks down the line. Having a broker on your side, however, means peace-of-mind knowing that they’ll seek out a tailored policy for you, tick all the right boxes, and cover your business at an affordable premium. But what kind of cover does a business owner need?

Take a moment to think about each aspect of your dream store-front. From the plate glass windows allowing views into your store, to the electronic systems you’ve put in place for security or finances. What if an accident was to occur which destroyed those windows, or caused your entire electronic system to fail? Suddenly, you’re forced to shut down for as long as it takes to fix. But the business is your livelihood, you can’t afford to shut down for days to weeks while you work to return to normal. Taking out cover for these two aspects of your business means you won’t be at a financial loss from the moment the accident happens, and gives you a jump start to returning to normal.

In fact, when you sign a commercial lease, most landlords will require you to take out the necessary cover, ensuring that in the event of a loss – your business can survive and thrive. Some additional examples of shop cover are; Fire cover, Public and Products Liability, Business interruption (yes, even for this), theft, monetary cover, machine breakdown and tax auditing cover. There’s a lot that can go wrong for a business, and having a dedicated broker means that we represent you, not the insurer. You aren’t just a number to us, you’re a valued customer and we’ll take every step to ensure that your business will survive and grow in the event that something unexpected happens.

Home & Contents Insurance

In addition to small business insurance, AUZi Broking is able to assist in house and contents insurance matters. While this is a step away from AUZi Insurance’s past scope, take solace in knowing that our brokers have taken part in some of the worst recent claim events (2011, 2013 floods + 2020 bushfires), meaning you know you’re being represented by experts. Experts who are passionate about their craft, and experts who want their customers to get the best possible outcome in the event of a claim. 

Home and Contents insurance can also include cover for floods, accidental damage and you can even increase your excess in order to reduce your annual premium. Not only this, but clients aged 55+ may be entitled to certain price reduction methods.

Homeowners who also run a small business from home (as many have since Covid), there are options available for you. We have access to a specialist insurer that can provide cover for the building, public liability and your general business operations including stock and contents. It is AUZi’s mission to provide as much of Australia with the fantastic service that we’ve become quite renowned for, and this is the first step.

What's Next?

While we have launched with these two policies in mind, don’t shy away from contacting our fantastic Brokers to inquire about anything. Our product forms are made with the customers in mind. While we can’t have a 100% online service, much like we do with AUZi Insurance, our personalised quote forms allow us to get pretty close. These products will continue to grow alongside AUZi Broking – Feel free to reach out to our brokers at any time.