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Product Liability Exclusions

We are unable of offer products liability insurance to any of the following products.
  • Second hand mechanical, second hand electrical and second hand toys
  • Medicines, potions, oils, fragrances & beauty products
  • Animal feed intended for animals other than domestic pets
  • Uncooked Seafood
  • Bicycles
  • Cigarettes or Cigars of any kind including electronic cigarettes, electronic vaping devices, personal vaporizer, or electronic nicotine delivery system, or any consumable component.
  • Silicone Jewellery and/or Teething Rings/Beads
Hazardous, flammable or dangerous goods include but are not limited to:
  • Products that have been dispensed, or have been repackaged into smaller containers for retail sales
  • Products sold in containers exceeding 5 litres or 5kg
  • Explosive tools, fireworks, extremely flammable liquid or bulk pool chemicals
  • Products intended to be used in connection with the navigation, safety or controls of vehicles, aircraft or watercraft
  • Weapons or firearms of any kind including (but not limited to) knives, swords, firearms, ammunition or any device requiring a license to possess or use due to its dangerous aspects
  • Parts for motor vehicles
  • Medical equipment
  • Model aircraft
  • Power tools
  • Motorised vehicles
  • Self-balancing motorised boards and scooters
  • Deep Frying activites