Darby’s Dog Bakery & Deli

What’s your name?
What is the name of your business?
Darby’s Dog Bakery & Deli
How long have you been trading?
1 year
What products do you sell?
Designer dog treats – from cupcakes and donuts in the bakery to Jerky and deer antler in the deli.
What sells the best?
Banana/Bacon Cupcakes – dogs love them and humans are fascinated by them!
What markets do you trade at?
Paddington Markets, Marrickville Market
How did it all begin?
When we adopted Darby he had some skin allergies and nutrition concerns that meant we spent a fair bit of time experimenting in the kitchen. It turns out we really love creating yummy treats for dogs and wanted to share that with all the pups!
What do you like most about being a stallholder?
The variety of people you get to meet!
What do you like least about being a stallholder?
Set up and pack up
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Still working the stall and meeting the dogs – it’s a great job to have!
What one piece of advice would you give to a new stallholder?
Find your own voice – don’t replicate what others are already doing. It will look much better if you stand out on your own.
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Attach a picture ideally of yourself, your stall or your products.