Ephraim Belted Galloways – Featured AUZi® Stallholder

What’s your name?
Jorge and Melissa Lopez-Perez
What is the name of your business?
Ephraim Belted Galloways
How long have you been trading?
18 months
What products do you sell?
All types of hot food with our own meat
What sells the best?
the burgers
What markets do you trade at?
Genuine Farmers Market
How did it all begin?
We wanted a good quality boutique style beef that was natural, grass fed, antibiotic free and well cared for. So we decided to rear our own – Ephraim Belted Galloways.
What do you like most about being a stallholder?
Talking to people about our cattle breed.
What do you like least about being a stallholder?
Its exhausting.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
What one piece of advice would you give to a new stallholder?
Its all worth it.
Any funny stories to share about your time as a stallholder?
Every time there is a funny story
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Try Ephraim Belted Galloways – our highest quality, grass-fed beef