What’s your name?
What is the name of your business?
How long have you been trading?
3years in May 2019
What products do you sell?
I sell a range of bathroom products such as Soap, fizzy rubs, bath bombs, body scrubs, foot soaks, bath salts, clay masks + a great variety of candles + soy melts. All vegan friendly (unless goats milk) + candles are kosher.
What sells the best?
Soap by far sells the best
What markets do you trade at?
The Westies / Winmallee / AMA
How did it all begin?
One YouTube video got me hooked on the creativity of soap making. This developed in creating my own recipes, designs + styles. Customer feed back had me expanding to liquid wash, more scrubs, soaks + of course the new + very popular Mimoso range ‘Soosi Collection’ which are kosher natural soy wood wick candles + melts.
What do you like most about being a stallholder?
The people! The atmosphere from other stall holders, the excitement from customers + finding their favourite scents. Stallholder families are great, passing on customers to help find what they’re looking for.
What do you like least about being a stallholder?
Being rained out. It’s disappointing for my customers who were excited to be coming + feels like I missed out on the party.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I see myself in 5 years with a humble shopfront, offering some space for other creative hearts + their great work. Also contributing more to health care packs for the homeless (Golden Hearts Initiative).
What one piece of advice would you give to a new stallholder?
There’s plenty of business for everyone! Be encouraging+helpful to others + take compliments (or constructive criticism too).
Enjoy your products + keep your standard. If it’s worth it, people will buy it.
Any funny stories to share about your time as a stallholder?
Recently, having been rained out completely in Parramatta. We were so soaked from setup + packup that we couldn’t help but laugh + jump in puddles like uncontrollable kids. Was a lot of fun even though we had to shut up shop early.
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