Nee's High Apple Pies

Nee’s High Apple Pies

What’s your name?
Anita Gottwalt
What is the name of your business?
Nee’s High Apple Pies
How long have you been trading?
3 years
What products do you sell?
Award Winning Homemade Apple Pies & Baked Cheesecakes.
What sells the best?
Hot Apple Pies to eat on location or Frozen assorted pies to take home.
What markets do you trade at?
Kinglake Produce & Artisan market, Tallarook, Whittlesea Monday market, festivals and other events.
How did it all begin?
My passion for baking started in my grandmother’s kitchen. Standing on a stool, leaning over a Huge ceramic bowl with my hands in batter or dough. From the age of 8-9 years old, I have always loved baking and creating. Now I can bring my passion to my customers with my mobile pie cart trailer.
What do you like most about being a stallholder?
Meeting new pie fans and seeing their face when they read the menu or take that first bite or mouthful of my personal pies. That Pie Smile :).
What do you like least about being a stallholder?
packing up!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Visiting more places, meeting new people and expanding my kitchen.
What one piece of advice would you give to a new stallholder?
If you don’t love what you do, you’re in the wrong business! start over and follow your dreams. With hard work and drive you will get there.
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