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Why Zumba Instructors need Professional Indemnity Insurance

Have you got the Insurance cover you need in place to protect you and your business? As a Zumba Instructor and fitness dance class leader there are different situations that could arise which might lead to a claim against you. Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed for teachers and instructors like you who provide advice and tuition to your customers that are looking to keep fit at your classes.

To protect yourself from lawsuits that may be filed by students as a result of something you do as a Zumba Instructor you should consider taking out Professional Indemnity Insurance. Here is some information about what the Insurance does and its benefits.

It covers the advice and coaching you give

As a Zumba Instructor you'll be providing tuition and advice to your students. If they unfortunately suffer a physical injury while doing Zumba at your class and under your supervision then there is a risk that you will get sued.

If this happens your Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover you for up to $5,000,000 to help cover the costs involved in a claim. Having cover in place also gives reassurance to your customers that you are bona-fide and serious about your business.

As with most insurances you're not covered if you intentionally do something wrong – you're a professional but we need to point this out to you.

Protect yourself against financial compensation claims which are much more likely to happen because your teach this fantastic and energtic activity. Insurance is an important safeguard against the risks of just one successful claim that could otherwise put you out of business due to the legal costs.

Our Policy also provides Public Liability Insurance

With our Zumba Instructors Cover you can also take out Public Liability cover. Public Liability Insurance protects you when you are responsible for an area you use for your class. For example, if you rent a hall or space for your classes, then there are chances that your landlord may insist on you having a Public Liability policy in place. Plus it will protect you if there is any damage to the hall or rented space or if someone else has an accident while you're holding your class.

Insurance is protection for your Zumba classes

If you have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance for your fitness business you've got the reassurance that you're covered for accident, injury and damage claims that may be your liability. So smile and get on with your business because we’ve got you covered.