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Neil Inns – Online Insurance Broker for AUZi

Marlie van Doorn – Strategic Advisor & Relationship Manager

Marlie is our connector, both of ideas and all the great people we work with. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Marlie started her international journey at the age of 17 when she moved to the United States to study. She lived in 4 countries before she turned 21 years old, is now able to communicate in 5 different languages and she visited 23 countries in the last 15 years. Being exposed to so many different cultures and people, made it a lot easier for Marlie to build great relationships.

With a Bachelor in International Communications and a Master in Business (Event Management), Marlie now has valuable contacts around the globe. Before turning 18, she competed at national level in Dressage and still enjoys horse riding next to Hot Yoga and bike riding. Marlie always tries to motivate us to stay healthy and happy too.

She jump-started her career at BMW Group. She was promoted twice within 1.5 years and was appointed as the first Social Media Manager in Europe in 2010. She has now expanded her focus to helping ambitious business owners with taking their business to the next level and assisting them with expertise on demand to fill the resource gaps that many SMEs struggle with. Marlie is very committed to helping people which is why she has been a great fit for AUZi as we share the same value and go above and beyond for our customers.

She has been assisting AUZi since the rebranding 2 years ago and has seen and contributed to the growth we have gone through to becoming Australia’s most convenient and trusted Online Insurer. She is the one who holds us accountable on a regular base to do even better within our team and for our customers.

Neil Inns – Online Insurance Broker for AUZi

Neil Inns – AUZi Founder

For 30 years, Neil Inns has demonstrated a passion for providing first class customer service. Neil is a strong believer in under selling and over delivering and it’s this philosophy that has created his honest, positive and professional reputation during his Insurance career. He possesses a large attention for detail and admits to being a perfectionist!

Neil’s Insurance career has seen him work around the world, listing London, Boston & Sydney as his favourite office locations. He hasn’t worked for many companies having remained loyal to his 6 employers over 30 years. Neil eventually settled on the Gold Coast in November 2008 with his wife and 3 children. Just recently there has been a new addition to the family; an adorable puppy named ‘Buddy! “I always promised the kids when we got our own house, we could get a pet.”

Under Neil’s direction, the AUZi team is going from strength to strength: "What I love about my team is that we share the same enthusiasm for AUZi. I value my employees’ judgements so I can leave them to their individualistic means and trust them to deliver. I just oversee their work.” This approach enables Neil to concentrate on the customer facing part of the business, which is Neil’s passion and forte.

Neil is big a sports fanatic and supports the Gold Coast Titans. When Neil has a spare few moments amongst his busy life, you’ll find him on Twitter where he loves to tweet about anything and everything… Literally!

Neil Inns – Online Insurance Broker for AUZi

Reza Torabi – Software Engineer

Reza has been in the Computer industry for over 16 years. He is self taught and learnt a lot of skills as a technician whilst in high school. In 2000 he started his first job in IT support and later worked as a network technician for 8 years. He left work in 2009 and started a university degree in Information Technology. During university he developed an interest in computer programming and shortly after finishing his Masters degree he joined AUZi as a software engineer and developer.

His role in AUZi is working with Ryan and Neil to improve the website and implement new features. He is also fully responsible for the AUZi infrastructure which means continually monitoring the customer numbers so the servers and system can handle the growth in the business.

Reza has a great passion for programming and building software and in addition to his work and university project, he has developed and published some Apps, games and plug-ins for Android and Firefox platforms.

He is originally from Iran and has lived and travelled to some amazing destinations in Southeast Asia and eventually came to Australia to finish his education whilst starting a new life in this great country.

Rebecca Innes – Assistant

Rebecca Innes – Online Insurance Broker

Born and bred in Newcastle Bec has just recently made the big move to Sunny Queensland with her Husband and two small children. Bec started working in the Insurance Industry at the young age of 15 and since then has worked with for Insurers, Underwriters and Brokers in a variety of roles and has developed great relationships within the Insurance community along with a great reputation. "Most of my closest friends are people I have worked with and dealt with over the last 20 years".

Along with her years of experience in the Industry Bec has completed a Diploma in Financial Services (Insurance Broking) and a Certificate IV in OHS. Bec has an extremely strong work ethic and believes providing exceptional customer service is one of the most important parts in Business and is always happy to go the extra mile for a customer. Her role will be working alongside Neil and the team to assist our customers the best way we can.

Being active and outdoors and having new adventures is what Bec enjoys most. Her passion for fitness keeps her energised enough to run after her two small children on her days off.

Haylee Forbes – Content Writer for AUZi

Haylee Forbes – Content Writer

Driven by a passion for writing, Haylee has now reached her third year of her double degree in Marketing and Journalism at Griffith University. She’s contributed work to a variety of online platforms in diverse industries including travel, news, real estate and lifestyle. Her work experience led her to the verdict that blog writing is her favoured forte, and she is now contributing to the blog for

Haylee started University in 2012, experimenting with different courses to decide what kept her mind captivated. After some time studying marketing, hotel and tourism management, and even architecture, she found herself back at Griffith University continuing her marketing major, but adding on the journalism component as a double degree. Haylee’s love writing then saw her land internships with a few media companies across Brisbane.

Originally from rural Queensland, Haylee relocated to the city to catch a broader view on life, and figure out her future career along the way. Her free time is full of blog writing for herself or others, and if there’s any time left, her curiosity for culture, people, places and all of the above will have her planning her next overseas adventure.

Andrew Areoff – Online Director

Andrew Areoff – Online Director

Andrew has been involved in designing websites and enabling businesses to trade successfully online for the past 15 years, predominantly for Insurance and financial services businesses.

His role is to oversee the customer facing side of the AUZi® website and make sure it works well for customers, before they even reach the website, while they are looking for the right Insurance for their needs, right through to getting a quote and buying insurance, and beyond.

He has been working with AUZi since the start and helped to establish the brand and identity and now works alongside Neil's and Reza's team to make Insurance products easier to choose, buy and to leave a smile on customers faces.

Andrew being an internet type, prefers to work from the environment of his choosing often working in locations worldwide and is always on hand to provide knowledge and wisdom to the team.

When not working online and spending time with his young family, Andrew has a love for all things vintage like old fashioned printing methods, listening to vinyl records, doing pottery and outdoor photography, preferably using a film camera.

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