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Do I really need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

The short answer is you probably do if you work for yourself or run a business and are responsible for the advice you give, or if you offer products or services to individuals, other businesses or organisations. If something goes wrong and your client ends up loosing financially then they may make a claim against you for negligence. You may not actually have done something wrong but the costs of going to court to defend yourself can mount up very quickly. This is what Professional Indemnity Insurance can help protect against and pay for.

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AUZi Public Liability Insurance

And do I need Public Liability Insurance?

As a business you'll probably need Public Liability Insurance if you have customers that use your products and services or come to your premises (whether you own or rent them). With cover in place you and your customers can have the peace of mind that compensation claims can be paid and your legal expenses covered. Plus your customers can be reassured that their property is repaired, possessions replaced, and in the unlikely event of acccident or injury, their medical costs are covered.

Read more about Public Liability Insurance or search for your occupation below to get a quote.

Know everything you need to know

You should of course always check the Summary of Cover and Policy Wording of the Insurance you are looking to take out to see exactly what you're covered for (and just as importantly what you're not) as this can vary depending on your profession and circumstances.