Candle Makers Insurance

Please note - At AUZi, we have two policies. A Candle makers only policy, and a broader policy that covers candles, soap and other bath and body products.

AUZi's Candle Makers Public and Products Liability Insurance has you covered

As a wax pouring guru, we know you’ve spent hours on end getting your products just right. From testing various wax blends to trialing different wick brands and sizes. Then checking the burn time seems to take forever. Once you get that perfect combination right, you feel like you’ve struck gold.

Just like selecting the right wax and ingredient ratios, it is important you select the right insurance and Broker for your business. 

Market Stall Insurance is included under this policy

Do you need Insurance to sell candles?

Yes. As a candle maker, your business activities and the products you sell are exposed to many risks. Between creating the product itself and selling them online, at the markets or in a local shop, to your customers lighting them up in their homes – the risks that you’re exposed to could result in a claim that would jeopardise your business and your livelihood. 

How much is Candle Making insurance?

The cost of insurance for your candle making business is influenced by many different factors. Dependent on which state you operate in, what limit of indemnity you need, and the number of people in business, your insurance costs may vary. 

At AUZi insurance, our premiums for candle makers insurance start from $114 for 3 months cover, with up to $450 for 12 month options. These prices are only an estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can definitely look at covering your teaching and workshop activities. Though this fits under a different policy. For soap and candle making workshops, you can get a quote here. Or, to get confirmation, email Bec at here.

Yes, dried flowers and crystals can be used in candles. However, the wick must be the only combustible item in the candle at all times. If the flowers and/or crystals become combustible then this is not an accepted risk to the Insurer. You can read more on this here

Refills of candles can be covered. However, the refills must be the products that you sold originally. Moreover, you must ensure a visual check and quality control is done on the container prior to refilling it.

Unfortunately, no. However, we also have a soap and candle makers policy that can cover soaps, candles and vast range of bath and body products. 

Why do I need Insurance?

Insurance is something that any small business should take time to consider. The previous example is perfect in understanding why Insurance should be purchased. 

A claim of this nature can be quite costly and really set you back financially. It is important to remember that there are many aspects of an overall business, not just the manufacturing and selling. 

Making deliveries and picking up supplies can result in a third party suffering injury or damage. This can then bring a claim against you. Consequently harming not only your business but your livelihood. 

What could go wrong?

Although you may batch test frequently and have great quality control, human error does occur.

A customer may be burning a candle and the candle explodes, causing fire and wax damage to the carpet and some furniture. The customer will then come to you to seek compensation for damages. At first you instantly think that the customer was at fault and most likely burned the candle for too long which compromised the container.

It could have very well been an error in your design or blend of oils that fueled the explosion, or even the wrong sized wick and this is where Public and Products Liability comes into play.

What is covered under Candle Makers Insurance

Public Liability – for property damage and bodily injury caused by your Candle making business.

Product Liability – for property damage and bodily injury caused by products you’ve made.

Our Premiums start from just $114 for 3 months cover, with a 6 or 12 month policy option as well.

Can I decorate my candles with crystals and dried flowers?

With the current design trends in the candle making industry, one of the most common questions we get as a specialist in candle makers insurance is…
’Can I decorate my candles with crystals and dried flowers?’ 
The candle connoisseurs at Lemon Canary sum up the answer perfectly in this blog post. Have a read if you would like some guidance to ensure your beautiful candles comply.
White soy wood wick candle on a wooden ladder
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Supported Products

*As long as being sourced from local suppliers and are not being imported. Electrical Diffusers sales must be less than 10% of turnover.
If you also sell items such as Bath and Body products, consider our Candle and Soap Liability policy.

Don't see your Product listed above? PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME IT IS INCLUDED / COVERED; reach out today for clarification on 1300 939 698
Important Information

All Products including manufactured and imported goods** must meet and comply with Australian Standards and in particular ACCC, AICIS and TGA standards.
It is also the customers duty to understand the requirements and whether they need to be registered with AICIS or TGA to be able to import, manufacture, and sell their goods.
** Goods imported into Australia need to meet the applicable standards that are determined by the government.

Excluded Activities
Included Activities

If you make any Bath and Body Products please look at our Soap and Candle Makers Policy

Partnered with AUZi

As a soap maker and/or importer, you must comply with Laws, Regulations, and Standards regarding cosmetics. Soap is deemed a cosmetic by AICIS.

Thus, there are a number of Laws, Regulations, and Standards that apply to anyone making Soap.

It is best to consult a compliance expert who will guide you on compliance for soap making. You can read more on compliance here.

All suppliers (this includes manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers) must comply with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) mandatory standard for ingredient labelling of cosmetics.

Under Australian Consumer Law, the ACCC can take action against misleading or deceptive claims on cosmetic product labels.

We can definitely look at covering your teaching and workshop activities. For soap and candle making workshops, you can get a quote here. To get confirmation, email bec at here.

Unfortunately, no. Hand sanitiser is not a product our Insurer wishes to cover. Hand sanitiser is not regulated by the TGA.

The products that have been added to the exclusion list are products that fall outside of what we deem to be a Bath and Body product. Some of these products are deemed as cosmetics. We can accommodate those under our Cosmetic Manufacturers Policy. Some products our Insurer does not cover due to their nature and hazards.

See a full list of our supported and excluded products here.