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Buy public liability insurance and professional indemnity cover online in minutes. Also, Download Certificates instantly and have the ability to update your cover online 24/7.

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AUZi Insurance has 55+ years of Insurance experience. They’ve also researched your industry. Because you need someone that understands your business and its unique risks.

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Hey there,

This is where Insurance is done differently
Let’s be frank, Insurance can be well… a bit of a bore. Especially when you’re talking to a Broker that is constantly spilling out all that Insurance lingo. It quickly has some of us throwing it in the ‘too confusing bucket’. But, Insurance is kind of a big deal (well, it’s essential so…).

Say goodbye to time consuming Insurance policy processes
We’ve put the ‘we’re only human’ element back into Insurance. No lengthy applications, no confusing stuff, no surprises, no waiting on answers or a quote. We’re not robots and neither are you. Our Brokers are available with a listening ear and genuine conversation to boot. But, we’ve evolved our processes with our time poor business owner customers in mind. You can get from A (Free Quote) to B (Insured) in a matter of minutes, without us. Just start here.

The AUZi Insurance Team
P.S. Stop scratching your head, read our Insurance Jargon Buster.

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