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The Jewellery Making industry in Australia covers a wide range of hobbyists, creatives, and fine Jewellery Makers. Whatever type of Jewellery you’re designing, Insurance is extremely important in securing your wellbeing. Our Brokers at AUZi Insurance have completed extensive research on the handmade Jewellery industry to grasp a better understanding of what exactly it takes to be a manufacturer. With this, they have designed a cost-effective liability policy that covers your Jewellery business whether you’re working from home or a studio – Jewellery Making Insurance just got easier.

What does Insurance for Jewellery Manufacturers Include?

Public Liability Insurance

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Public Liability Insurance is designed to protect you and your business activities against Personal Injury or Property Damage.


Products Liability Insurance

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Products Liability is designed to protect you against personal injury and property damage arising from the products you have sold.


Why do Jewellery Makers need Insurance?

Whether you’re just starting out as a Jewellery Maker, already selling Jewellery on Etsy, looking to be the next best Jeweller, or you’re simply just interested – having the right cover to protect you and your livelihood is always important. 

AUZi® has designed a Liability policy specifically for Jewellery Makers, which can protect you against claims for injury and/or damage caused by you or your products. This type of Insurance is usually required if you wish to sell your products to the public. It also extends to cover sales made from your place of business, internet sales (within Australia) and at markets.

You might find yourself thinking of leaving Small Business Insurance to the side while you learn and establish your business, but getting the right cover from day dot will give you peace of mind knowing that you can confidently sell your products while also learning and developing your skills.

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Somebody enters your store and trips on a power cord, causing Personal Injury.

Your A-Frame Sign Blows into a Parked Car out the Front of your Shop, causing Property Damage.

Your Jewellery reacts to a customers skin and causes a rash. They need time off work while they recover.

A customer accidentally cuts themselves on a jagged part of your Jewellery.

Definitely-Not-A-Joke-Claim: A Strange looking Transylvanian man/woman purchases your Hand Crafted Stirling Necklace. It ‘reacts’ with their skin, leaving burn marks. You only seem to hear from them at night. 

Teething Necklaces for Children

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