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The short

AUZi Insurance is a small team of four. Each team member brings extensive experience from their respective backgrounds. This diverse skillset has allowed AUZi to stay at the forefront of providing a forward-thinking online insurance service and product.

The long

Neil Inns immigrated to Australia in 2008, bringing with him a wealth of experience, including extensive broker and client liaison, and a background in underwriting, broking and defining risk. He saw a gap in an industry that was saturated in old school processes. He set out on a mission to provide public liability insurance online – bringing costs down for small businesses. Above all, knowing a digital strategy was the future for this industry, AUZi® was born in 2013 with a 100% online business approach.

As the Founder and CEO of AUZi Insurance, Neil has brought together a team that are passionate about driving growth and introducing new concepts to the insurance sector. The team prioritise their ability to evolve with not only the insurance industry changes but changes to the niche industries they insure. Because of this, the team are able to provide tailor-made policies that fit your business like a glove.

Since 2013, AUZi Insurance has become a leading online insurance provider in Australia.

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Dear ... you,

With over 59 years of industry experience, we know that insurance can be a bit of a bore. But, it’s kind of a big deal (well, it’s essential).

Don’t fret, as a small business ourselves, we speak your language. You won’t find us throwing around complex insurance lingo here.

We’ve put the we’re only human element back into buying insurance. We’ve said goodbye to lengthy applications, the confusing stuff, the scary surprises, and won’t leave you waiting for a quote.

You can get from A (instant quote) to B (properly insured) in a matter of minutes, with or without us. Whatever floats your boat. Get started by finding your occupation here. It’s really easy, we pinky promise.  

Yours Sincerely,
The AUZi Insurance team

p.s. Visit us on Facebook and Instagram, where we love featuring Australian small businesses.

The AUZi insurance mission

We simplified our policy processes by saying goodbye to lengthy applications and all that other traditional time-consuming insurance stuff; saving you money.

That is the mission here at AUZi Insurance. We’ve set out to help small business owners thrive – whether that be getting you properly insured and saving you money, marketing support, or sharing our business knowledge. At AUZi Insurance, we place an emphasis on supporting local.

Meet our team



This guy knew all too well what an influencer was before us millennials entered his office! In 2013, after 35+ years of industry experience, Neil saw a gap in a traditionally pen and paper industry (yawn) where he could provide public liability insurance 100% online – bringing costs down for those niche small businesses that too often get caught up with the big guys.

With a passion for people, customer service and technology, that is exactly what he did. Focusing on becoming an influencer in niche areas that other brokers often didn’t bother to understand. Since AUZi was born in 2013, we have sold over 40,000 policies! Initially it was going to be a simple lifestyle business. However, he has built a thriving little team looking after different aspects of the business.

Neil’s slogan – “You’ve got to get up early in the morning to get one past me”. He’s always on the ball keeping everyone on their feet, whether it be in the office, on the golf course or enforcing Friday arvo drinks.

Head of Information Technology


Our world traveller Reza started his career in his home country Iran, working as a teen alongside his father in the printing industry. During this time, he began self-studying, teaching himself to build computers, computer networks and the ins and outs of graphic design.

Reza’s interest in technology from a young age is what forged a career that would take him to Malaysia to study a Bachelor of IT. After that, he jumped across the pond to his new home in Australia to graduate with a Master of IT in 2015. Joining the AUZi team in 2016, Reza has been our office mastermind since. Let’s just say … he’s the one that fixes absolutely anything the rest of us break – whoops! In other words, Reza is responsible for our underlying technology with his passion for coding and programming.


Director of Insurance


With a decade of insurance industry experience, Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Making sure we’re thinking outside the box in all aspects of the business.

At the age of 22, Nicole took the leap of faith and entered the insurance industry. Her journey started in a boutique brokerage where she obtained her qualification tier 1 and 2 in insurance broking, worked in claims and assisted the Managing Director and Senior Executive Brokers as a Broking Assistant. She went on to become the Lead Broker then an Authorised Representative before joining us as Principal Broker at AUZi. We are immensly proud that within months of working at AUZi, Nicole was named as an Insurance Young Gun of 2020.

She has blessed us with that laid-back vibe Gold Coast locals do so well. When Nicole’s not in the office answering your calls, she’s catching plenty of sunshine, hiking and spending quality time with her loved ones.

Assistant Broker


Tracy has worked in insurance for over 20 years, bringing invaluable knowledge to the AUZi team. Her genuine passion for customer service is what has allowed her to thrive in assisting customers in both the banking and insurance sectors.

Outside of work, you will find Tracy out in the sunshine tackling a hiking trail or relaxing on the beach with her family and their fur baby. Tracy has accomplished Tough Mudder, the Kokoda Challenge, a mini triathlon and even a boxing fight. She is also a mum of three and is a wealth of knowledge to everyone in the office. Tracy is akin to our in-house doctor – always encouraging us to move our bodies and make better choices. She has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine and now runs her own clinic on Thursday’s and Friday’s when she’s not in the AUZi office.


Social Media Assistant


Trista is our resident storyteller with her love for all things creative and particularly through the landscape of content creation. If you see us acting silly online – you can bet that Trista is behind the scenes, stirring up the fun.

Trista is in her third and final year of her Bachelor of Communications and Journalism. She has spent the past 3 years in the social media space, with a passion for cultivating both an impactful and fun online media presence. You’re bound to hear her bubbly and kind personality gracing radio stations in future; an aspiration of hers that we know would suit her perfectly.

When she is not at work, she volunteers regularly, loves pilates and never says no to going out for brunch!

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