Cosmetic Product Maker Insurance can protect your business against claims made against you due to damages caused by your products or  business activities. 

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Our Cosmetic Product Maker Insurance has you covered

Just like you work tirelessly to formulate that flawless skincare range, our Brokers have done the same in formulating a policy that fits your business like a glove. A recipe inclusive of Public and Products Liability Insurance, and a dash of ongoing support from an AUZi broker; the TGA (Test Group Analysis) send their approval of this exquisite mix.

But, what could go wrong?

The most talked about error that can occur when manufacturing cosmetics is a reaction relating to the skin/body from a Products Liability perspective.

A manufacture may be trialing a new ingredient, testing it until the recipe is perfect. Though when making the final product, the ratios were not precise. Unknowingly, the product has been sold to a customer with an ingredient that caused a huge skin reaction which would not have happened had the right recipe been formulated. The customers reaction stopped them from working for a period of time, and they needed special rehabilitation and medical care to heal. In an instance like this case study, the manufacturer can protect themselves from financial ruin with AUZi’s Public and Products Liability Insurance for Cosmetic Manufacturers.

Why do I need Cosmetic Product Maker Insurance?

While Insurance is not compulsory, it is a smart investment to make to protect yourself and your business. Unfortunately, manufacturers only consider the products when contemplating insurance, rather than considering the whole picture. Something can go wrong during the tasks you complete in your daily business activities. This includes during your drive to suppliers, making deliveries or setting up your pop-up or stall; everything inline with your business has the potential to cause injury and damage whereby a third party can bring a claim against you. A Cosmetic Product Maker Insurance policy with AUZi can cover you in these instances.

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Be business savvy and protect what you have worked hard to build. This is where considering our Cosmetic Product Maker Insurance policy can protect you and your hard earned money, your business and your livelihood.

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