In this day and age, we know accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and usually when we least expect them. When a third party injures themselves at your Market, they will look to you to seek compensation being the Organiser. This is where a Market Organiser Insurance Policy can protect you and your hard earned money, your business and your livelihood.

Our Market Organiser Insurance has you covered

As a Market Organiser, you know how much planning goes into Market Day. From organising Market Stalls, ensuring the premises is adequate, checking weather conditions, advertising, ensuring your market and stall holders are properly insured to having Market Organiser Insurance. 

As the Organiser of the Market, you need to ensure you are covered if something were to go wrong at the market whether in your control or not. Our Public Liability Insurance is your protection against the costs of damage or injury that may occur whilst organising a market, at the market or potentially after market day. It may be damage to third party property or personal injury to others at the market or you can potentially be brought into a claim at anytime by a market stall holder for potential negligence. You also need to consider any uninsured stall holders that you are covering and liable for.

What could go wrong on Market Day- a case study

If you run a night market and do not provide adequate lighting for the area and either a stall holder or a member of the public trips, falls and sustains injury, you could have a claim brought against you.

As the Market Organiser, you have a duty of care to everyone who attends and is involved in the Market. Moreover, if a member of the public trips and falls at an uninsured stall holders stall and suffers injury, you are again at risk of a claim. With our Market Organiser Insurance you are taking the smarts steps in protecting not only your business but your livelihood.

Why do I need Market Organiser Insurance?

Legal costs can add up quickly and the size and type of claims vary depending on the severity of an injury or property damage. If you do not have the right Insurance protection in place, it could be easy to suffer financially from a claim brought against you.

Public liability insurance policies don’t cover every single risk that is present for a Market Organiser, you should always check what’s covered, the policy wording and exclusions that apply.

A comprehensive cover should offer coverage for most events regarding personal injury and property damage that you as the Market Organiser may be liable for – whether or not you think it’s fair.

This policy provides the following features
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