Market Stall Ideas For The Perfect Set Up

Market stall ideas for the perfect setup

When starting a new business, entrepreneurs invest endless time and money on the Interior Design aspect of their brick and mortar business. They create mood boards, do their research, hire an Interior Designer and put their all into bringing their vision to life. The look of their business is key in their branding. It speaks for their business’s personality, style and products itself. It also boosts functionality for employee productivity and of course an aesthetically pleasing shop attracts customers.

So, if a market stall is just as much a business as the gift shop down the street, why shouldn’t a market stall holder put in just the same effort? They should! Market stall holders, here are the steps you need to take, and some inspiration for market stall ideas for the perfect set up.


If you just have the one regular market you will be attending, this might be as easy as measuring your spot and taking into account your surroundings. But in general, most market stall holders sell at multiple markets. Meaning that you will need to take into account the various aspects that could impact your set up at different locations.

Consider the measurements of your space including the height, the colours of each venue that could conflict with your stall, the amount of room needed for customers to browse comfortably, the guidelines of the venue, the set up of other regular fellow stall holders and even the potential weather for outdoor markets. Don’t miss this step in planning your market stall ideas. It would be a shame going all out on a set up only for it not to be suitable at some of the markets you attend.

Create a mood board

Now you have more of an idea of what you can work with, start a mood board. A mood board is a visual tool used to communicate the market stall ideas you have through an arrangement of images and other material. You can do this either using a cork board or the easiest way to do it is using Pinterest. On Pinterest you can separate your boards into different folders for example a folder for your menu ideas, and one for product display ideas as seen in the example below. 

Example of a Pinterest board
An example of how to do a mood board on Pinterest
Blue and green theme flat lay mood board
Photo- Captured by Jess Ann Kirby

Go shopping!

This is the fun part – seeing all your market stall ideas come together. You can simply go op shopping and score some pretty amazing deals on shelving and signage. Although businesses like Market Stall Co specialise in creating beautifully designed market stalls. You can purchase their pre-designed displays, or you can get one custom made.

Now, it’s time to get those ideas flowing.

Now... time for the ideas

Clean Coast Collective market stall
Photo - Captured by Clean Coast Collective via Pinterest. We love how the stall is open for customers to comfortably browse, it makes it inviting.
The owners of Raw Suds at their market stall
Photo - Captured by Mark Lobo featuring Raw Suds at The Finders Keepers Market. The rustic look of their props and display complements their products and branding.
Market stall Always Rooney
Photo - Captured by Always Rooney. You can get creative even when you have limited stock. This set up allows customers to try on the items.
Roberto's homemade cakes market stall
Photo - Captured by Sarah Ram at Camden Lock Market, London via Pinterest. A lovely way to display cakes, although this is of course not possible in all climates.
Market stall selling resin decorated wooden chopping boards
Photo - Captured by the Fifth Design at Craft Fair and Artisan Market Display. The style is cohesive with their products.
Market stall selling cushions, scarves and handmade
Photo - Captured by Daughter Handwovens. This stall utilises their limited space very well. The pegboard display allows them to change up the position of their shelves as they please.
California Bakery selling from a mini van
Photo - Captured by California Bakery. A very functional but still funky take on a bakery set up.
Market stall set up by Folkstore
Photo - Captured by Folkstore via Pinterest. Even really small stalls can have a nice aesthetic set up.

Get feedback from the market stall community

Finally, don’t forget you have your whole community right at your fingertips! The market stall community is full of Facebook groups bursting with stall holders ready to support each other’s businesses. There is even a specific group called ‘Market Makeover Members’ where you can get ideas, ask for feedback and help other stall holders. Networking in any industry can be very powerful, so don’t stop at your stall set up. Join the other general market stall groups too for advice, market updates, opportunities and business tips.

A few of our favourite groups are Market Stall Holders Australia, Stall Holders & Markets in Brisbane & Surrounds Qld, Markets Toowoomba and Surrounds and Market Makeover Members.