6 Ways To Improve Your Market Stall Presentation

6 Tips for Improving your Market Stall Presentation

Ensuring that your market stall presentation is eye pleasing is more important than you might think. Sure, you’re selling the next best product since sliced bread (what was the best thing before sliced bread?) – but if your stall isn’t turning heads and attracting potential customers, people are just gonna have to keep slicing that bread for themselves.

Considering this, it’s no secret that your stall presentation is a make or break situation. In order to get the most our of your Market Stall, it’s time to start thinking of it like feathers to a peacock.

Market Stalls are like a Peacock's feathers

Only when we’re spreading our Market feathers, we’re looking for a different kind of mate.

Now don’t go running off to the hills because you don’t think you’re capable of donning your creative flare. We’ve put together some easy tips you can follow to help improve your market stalls appearance. Let’s get into it.

Give your stall a pop of colour

This is so important, but for more reasons than one. Adding a pop of colour to your Market Display can help you stand out from the crowd, but adding too much can just add insult to injury. There’s a reason peacocks only have a few colours.

Choose a theme of one or two colours that go well together. For instance, if a majority of your products are the same colour like tan coloured wood, you could choose a pastel blue and red for your stalls trimmings.

On the contrary, if your products are vastly different colours, do the opposite and choose a neutral colour for your stalls trimmings.

Image - Via Blush & Co.

Don't overdo your product display

There’s no need to have 10 of the exact same product out, all it does is make the space look over cluttered, and distracting. Display each of your products, but only a couple. If you’re displaying a large number to simply fill a large stall, then it’s time to downsize your market stall space.

Set up a demo of your product

It’s important for customers to get a grasp of your product before purchasing. You can show them a demo in many ways. This can be done by offering samples, displaying the product in use, or wearing the clothes you sell.

Be Unique

You may not be the only candle stall at the market, but you can differentiate yourself. When planning your display, product packaging, or price packaging, consider what your competitor is doing. If you are unique, customers will remember you, spread the word, and drop in for a visit at your next market.


Since you are running the stall, you are the first point of contact that customers have with your business. So, don’t forget to put on a smile and welcoming vibes. A stall holder that sits on their fold out chair, looking bored scrolling through their Facebook feed will ruin all the hard work put into making the stall look presentable.

If you’re passionate about your Stall and the Products you’re selling (which we hope you are), your bubbly and energetic personality will be the cherry – or eye spot – on top (I had to Google Peacock anatomy for that one)…

Balance your display

When considering how to display your products, spread them equally across eye level, above eye level and below eye level. This will make your stall look impeccably neat and easily navigated when browsing products. You can even use Canva’s new Flyer Printing options to spruce up your stall display, without the need of a professional designer.


Okay this one doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But I can’t make a blog using Peacocks as a metaphor without using the greatest metaphor of all time – spoken by the incomparable Marky Mark (minus the funky Bunch).

While we can’t say that these tips will necessarily allow you to fly like a Peacock… because, you know… Peacocks aren’t the best flyers… We CAN tell you that the tips we’ve laid out in this post should aid you in soaring even higher as a Small Business Owner 😉

If you’d like to learn more about market stall presentation, and all things Small Business – check out our list below.

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