13 Instagram Post Ideas For Small Business

Instagram Post Ideas

Let’s be real, I can think of a million other ways to better spend my workday than trying to think of Instagram post ideas. I know, it can be a tough gig remembering to post consistently, take great photos and think of engaging captions. All the while making sure the rest of your business is smooth sailing. After all, we’re not all social media extraordinaires that are destined to become influencers. Although it would be cool if it were that easy!

We assessed our content, put our marketing brains together and went on a bit of a good old Instagram stalk to come up with these 13 Instagram post ideas for small business.

Products, products, products (or services)

We’ll start with the obvious one first. Your customers need to know what you sell, whether it be a product or the result of your services. Remember, social media is the face of your business. So keep the photos aesthetic and professional. You can read up on some of our product photography tips here if taking photos isn’t usually your forte.

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Reviews and testimonials

There is no better advertising than the words that spill from your customers mouths. According to Edelman’s Trust Barometer, most consumers don’t trust advertising with 3 in 4 consumers avoiding advertising all together! But, 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision as they have a significant impact on conversion (Spiegel, Research Center).

So, take advantage of those beautiful words hanging out in your Google reviews, shout them from the rooftops!

Candle maker insurance advertisement for AUZi Insurance
Here is an example of how we share our reviews with Instagram

Answer FAQs

Instagram post idea number three – FAQs! The same questions landing in your inbox daily, or several times a day can be pretty well…annoying. You can minimise those incessant FAQs at least a little by posting them on your social media. You can then make them a story highlight so that even when they have been pushed down your feed they are still visible to your audience.

The story behind your business

In Australia, the #smallbusinesslove movement is rampant. People LOVE hearing about your why, your story and the reason you do what you do. So share even snapshot with your Instagram family. It creates that connection between them and your business as well. Knowing you’re a genuine and kind person, just like them.

Don't forget your brand does have a personality

AUZi Insurance team Christmas photo
Here is our team at the AUZi HQ being their silly selves and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

Let that show through your posts! Have you found a funny meme that is relevant to your business? Recreate it on Canva with your branding and share away! You can check out how to work your magic on Canva in this great article written by White Canvas Design Studio here.

Video content

In 2020, video content is the real deal. Yes, we’re talking Instagram reels! Reels are just a few weeks old. While everyone is clumsily experimenting with how to use them (like us here) and Instagram is rewarding the early birds to adopt their new feature, now is the perfect time to jump on board. Since they’re under 30 seconds long, they’re super simple to make!

Sneak peeks of behind the scenes

This is a great Instagram post idea to give your customers an insight into how you make your products, or prepare your services. Progress photos are an interesting way to share your creations and even educate your customers on how much work goes into the products they buy.

Sale announcements

You probably know this Instagram post idea already. Customers aren’t psychic. The only way they will know about your current sales and offers is if you let them know. So, make sure you post up those sales and include them in your captions.

User generated content

Creating content for all of the above can take time. But what if you didn’t have to? User generated content is an awesome way to save time and also share the ways your customers use and present your products. Some customers definitely have an eye for the camera so you may even score some gorgeous shots. Encourage your customers to tag you in their photos and you will have an album to choose from in no time. Just make sure you ask for permission before sharing their photos first.

Business milestones

Let’s celebrate together! Your business’s birthday, rebrand anniversary, throwbacks, record products sold, first full-time employees or anything that you feel like poppin’ bottles over. You should be proud of these moments, so share them with us all!

Two white cupcakes with the AUZi Insurance logo on them
Here we shared a slideshow for the 1 year anniversary of our rebrand. Photo one is a photo from the day and photo 2 was a before and after photo of our logo...for the mems.

Involve your customers

This Instagram post idea is bound to get you a boost in engagement. Have you created four gorgeous Christmas edition packaging options but you simply just can’t part with any of them? Why not let your customers choose for you? Throw up a slide show and get your customers involved by voting on their favourite design.

Collage of AUZi Insurance customers
In this post we shared a competition that we were running with our beloved customers. Our followers got to vote for their favourite small businesses to win 1 of 3 prizes.

Share your successes – featured in the likes of Buzzfeed?

Let us celebrate with you. We’ve seen so many small businesses get featured in awesome articles on Buzzfeed, UrbanList, TimeOut… the list goes on. Yet they don’t share it with their followers! Why not guys? Just like reviews, a publication vouching for your amazingness can be very powerful.

Your team culture

They also love seeing what goes on in your HQ (even if it’s just the spare room at your house). Share what you or your team members are up to today. Share ‘team member highlight’ posts that introduce who they are, what they do in your business OR who they are outside your biz.

AUZi Insurance Creative Director Haylee Forbes
Here we shared a random fact highlight on our team member, Haylee.