Our Delivery Driver Insurance policy has you covered

In our ever changing world, your job as a Delivery Driver is becoming more in demand. From cupcakes and ready meals, to flowers, wine and TVs. No matter the industry, whatever you are delivering will come with its unique risks.

Therefore, it’s crucial you have the appropriate delivery driver insurance in place. With a policy specifically designed for a delivery driver, you can ensure your livelihood and the future of your business is protected in all instances.

What could go wrong?

There are many situations where your insurance will help you through a claim. For example, you’ve pulled up to your scheduled delivery address and parked your van on the street. As you unload your parcels on the sidewalk you duck back around to your drivers seat to grab your paperwork. As you do this, a member of the public is walking past but trips and falls over your parcels.

In that split second, your business activities have caused injury to a third party. It is you who they will be looking to sue for damages. 

Why do I need Delivery Driver Insurance?

Legal costs can add up quickly. Like we discussed in the scenario earlier, a potential claim can arise in a split second. Moreover, as a delivery driver you’re driving from one suburb to another, 10 times over and all in a days work. Because of this, there are endless situations that could result in a crash, an injury, a loss of your clients products and more. Therefore, as a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure you have an insurance policy that is tailored to these risks. Otherwise, your business, home and livelihood will be at risk.

Automatic Extensions covered under this policy

This policy provides the following features

Don't let Insurance be the last thing you think about when operating a small business. This is where considering our Public Liability Policy can protect hard earned money, your business and your livelihood.
Implications of Cancelling your Product Liability OR Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy

Product Liability is an occurrence-based wording. This means, the insurance needs to be in place at the time the incident/injury/damage occurred for there to be a valid claim. Professional Indemnity Insurance is a Claims Made wording. This means an insurance policy needs to be in place at the time you provide the service and at the time of the claim and/or incident in order for your interest to be protected.

If you cancel your insurance today and an incident is notified and/or occurs tomorrow for a product or service you provided last week, you will not be covered. Read more on this here.