Market Stallholder Tip 001

Market Stallholder Tip 001
Create a great Check List for Market Stallholder Tip 001!

When you have a stall at a market, it’s essential to be organised, and not just when you’re dealing with customers.

Tip 001 is about the single most important thing you can do — create a Check List of everything you’ll need on market day, right down to pens, pencils, string and glue (if you’ll need those).

Once you’ve used your list a few times and you’ve covered everything, you might like to laminate the Check List to protect it. If you like to check things off, you can even use whiteboard markers on the laminated page as a good visual aid (then wipe it clean when you’re done).

At the end of the day, you can use your list again to make sure you’ve got everything to take home (remember your market stall neighbour borrowed your scissors? If they’re on your list you’ll remember to get them back).

One key thing which so many people forget is to have a “float” of money — coins and notes in case you need to give change straight away. Many stallholders wear a pouch around their waist which holds the float for quick and easy access.

So make sure you add “Money Float” to your list.

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