Press Release – Gold Coast Pom Becomes An Aussie & Captures The Heart Of The Market Insurance Crowd, Via Facebook


When Neil Inns and his family left the UK to relocate to the Gold Coast of Australia, they hoped the big move would work out. 5 years later, they couldn’t be happier.

Neil’s insurance company (pronounced “oz-eye”) provides Professional Indemnity insurance for professional consultants and independent business owners.

One branch of the AUZi brand is MarketStallInsurance which provides insurance for Australian market stall holders.

Traditionally this type of insurance has been hard to find by local crafts people, artists and others who sell their products and services at local markets across the country.

MarketStallInsurance has started to build a name for itself by becoming an insurance company whose staff actually reach out and connect with their customers – from the top down. Using social media (including Twitter and Facebook) Neil Inns has started building relationships with Aussie stall holders who’ve purchased the market stall insurance, and is loving the sense of community being created — especially on the Facebook page.

Neil Inns said, “It’s fantastic to see all the great photos being posted of amazing stalls of all kind — I love to post comments on how terrific each one is, and it gives me a great sense of who my customers are — they’re real people with real stalls at real markets. I love how Facebook helps me chat so easily with everyone, and listen to their stories!”

One member — Ms Dillon — recently wrote to Mr Inns to say, “So many companies are becoming less personal with their clients.”

Ms Dillon went on to say, “I was thrilled to receive best wishes from the team at AUZi for our first Marketstall. I have never experienced an Insurance business take such active and genuine interest.”

Press Release - Gold Coast Pom Becomes An Aussie & Captures The Heart Of The Market Insurance Crowd

In response to the amazing collection of stall holders now connecting via the Facebook page (with photos of their stalls and goods), Neil Inns’ new monthly initiative starts this month (April 2014) and will feature a “Stall-holder of the Month” page on the website, offering each person the opportunity to talk about their passion for their life at the markets, how they got started, and where they’re headed.

Although it’s unheard of for an insurance company to interact with Customers in this manner, Mr Inns believes it’s the personal touch and getting to know the Stall-holders through their online photos which makes it so easy to connect with them and helps him build a strong bond and a community — all connecting via Facebook.

If you’re a stall-holder in Australia, and you’ve struggled to get insurance that didn’t cost an arm and a leg, please visit the website and be amazed at how quick, easy and affordable it is to sign up immediately.

Visit the website on or pop over to the Facebook page to say hello on


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