Get Listed On Our Small Business Spotlight

With today’s consumer increasingly taking to the internet to ‘window shop,’ we are well aware that online marketing is crucial as it aligns with the way customers make purchasing decisions.

It is now common for consumers to use their social media pages to conduct preliminary product research on their phones before making a final decision.


So, the most efficient way to take advantage and benefit from this tech savvy generation is online marketing, as you are able to use personalised communication to build that relationship with your customer.

At AUZi, we know that marketing can be a costly expense for your business, especially for small or start-up ventures like your market stall!

Though we also know that effective marketing campaigns are the perfect opportunity for you to promote your product or service and initiate a call to action for your customers. Even the simplest interaction between your brand and your target market can build a relationship with consumers, provide your market with absorbing information to pass on, test the appeal of what you’re offering and of course increase sales.

The right marketing campaign can lead you straight to your ideal customer, and what better platform than our market stall insurance page. Simply tell us what your market stall has to offer, a little bit about your products or services – why are they the absolute must have?! And a little bit about yourself. We’ll handle the rest!

Your brand, along with your contact details and pages will then be published on our website, as well as our Facebook page.

This is the best platform for you to establish your brand.

Establishing your brand is the first step in creating a successful business. By utilizing marketing strategies available to you, you are able to leave an imprint in the mind of your potential customer.

This will allow you the leading hand when a customer needs a particular product or service that comes under your calling. You will be their first point of contact at this time, reducing the need for you to go out and sought out customers yourself. They will soon be coming to you!

Your post on our site will promote what you do, informing market goers and increasing the awareness of your brand.

It’s not strictly Market Stall holders either – if you attend trade fairs, fetes, festivals, shopping centres, car boot sales or exhibitions, you’re also the perfect picture we would love to shine a spotlight on. Ready? Get in touch with us today.