Market Stallholders Win The Day – Auzi’s One Day Only Insurance Cover Is A Huge Hit




Finding one-day only public liability insurance in Australia is like looking for a needle in a haystack.


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When Nathan decided to clean out the junk from the garage, he realised he had plenty of things he could sell and make a bit of money. With a bit of research on the internet, he decided to book space at one of the local markets for a one-day “sale”.

Nathan contacted the Market Organisers, and was told all he needed to arrange was his own Public Liability Insurance before the day.

Public Liability Insurance is a must for all stallholders, covering physical damage or injury to anyone visiting a market stall.

That didn’t sound too hard — at least until he started researching online, calling insurance companies, and becoming totally disillusioned. First of all, he couldn’t find “one day only” insurance cover. He’d have to pay for a month, then cancel the Policy.

The average cost of the insurance meant that there’d be very little profit left over after the stall rental, and Nathan started to wonder whether he should bother doing the one-day market at all.

A quick call to a friend who sold at the markets was the answer to his prayers!

Yes there was an Australian company who offers One Day Only Insurance Cover! Nathan signed up online and his market day went off without a hitch.

If you’re a stall-holder in Australia, and you’ve struggled to get insurance that didn’t cost an
arm and a leg, please visit the website and be amazed at how quick, easy and affordable it
is to sign up immediately.

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