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Why Dance Teachers need Professional Indemnity Insurance

We’re all used to buying home, life and motor insurance and these policies do what it says on the tin. But what about Professional Indemnity Insurance? Well this type of insurance is designed specially for professionals like you who provide advice or coaching for a living.

To protect yourself from lawsuits that may be filed by students as a result of something you do as a Dance Teacher you should consider taking out Professional Indemnity Insurance (also known as PI Insurance). Here is a summary of what the insurance does and its benefits.

It covers the advice and coaching you give

As a Dance Teacher you will obviously be providing tuition and advice to your students. If they should incur a physical injury whilst performing a task under your supervision then there is a good chance that your student will sue you.

In such a scenario your Professional Indemnity Insurance will help you cover the costs associated with a claim up to $5,000,000. Not only that, but having insurance in place is an important sign to your customers that you are a professional and take your advice, coaching and risk seriously.

Of course it goes without saying that this type of insurance will not cover you if you intentionally do something wrong – however unlikely this may be, we need to point this out to you.

We live in a culture where financial compensation is commonplace even where accidents and injuries are obviously more likely in a dance class than say a handwriting course. So it is important to safeguard your business against those inevitable risks associated with your profession. Without insurance it only takes one successful legal suit to potentially put you out of business.

Our Policy also provides Public Liability Insurance

With our Dance Teachers Insurance you can also take out Public Liability cover. Public Liability insurance protects you when you are responsible for an area. For example, if you have hired a hall or space for dance classes, then there are chances that your landlord may require you to have Public Liability insurance. The best thing about having this insurance product is that it protects you if there is any damage to the hall or rented space or if someone slips and falls.

Peace of mind comes with protection for your business

With Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance in place for your Dance Teachers business you can enjoy the peace of mind that your business has the cover in place to help with claims against you in the event of accidents, injuries and damage that is ultimately your liability. So smile, we’ve got you covered.