Interior Designer Insurance

AUZi’s Interior Designer Insurance is an investment for your business. As a professional in the design world, you know that the finer details count for your clients when creating and designing dream ideas inside a home, business, indoor or outdoor space.

Unfortunately, that dream may come with errors in design, planning and implementation. As a result, your client may suffer financial loss leading to a claim being made against you.

You may think that your interior design course has prepared you enough that this will never happen to you. But isn’t it better safe, than sorry? We have tailor made a Professional Indemnity and General Liability Policy to specifically protect the financial well being of Interior Designers. Your insurance policy is your protection against the cost of damage or injury that may occur inline with your business.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Interior Designers

Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to protect businesses and professionals that provide advice or and services to their clients. Due to the nature of businesses that require this type of insurance, there are several risks that could result in a claim being brought against you for damages suffered to a third party from your mistakes. As an Interior Designer, this risk is very real. For instance, providing a service, potentially breaching a contract or any breach of professional duty could result in a claim.

Why do I need Interior Design Insurance?

What could go wrong ?

Legal costs can add up quickly. When a client is placing their beloved home or asset in your hands, there is potential for things to go wrong very quickly. Consequently, this could damage you financially from just one claim brought against you. Without Interior Designer Insurance, you can become personally liable to pay the claim.

Our comprehensive cover includes Professional Indemnity and General Liability (both Public and Products) so you can rest assured that you have the right cover in place to cover your business.

While operating your Interior Design business, customers may find reasons to sue you in different scenarios. Those could include –

  • You have potentially given incorrect advice about furnishings that could be followed by mistakes in the materials used.
  • You have made an unwanted change to the plans that the customer wasn’t aware and wouldn’t agree with had they known. This could result in plans not complying with relevant building codes.
  • You hang a mirror on the wall and the mirror falls, breaks and damages the flooring. You could be held liable.
  • A material you’ve used has stained their new lush carpet. 

AUZi is a proud partner of the Interior Design Institute

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The Interior Design Institute is the leading online Interior Design Educator in Australia. Read more on what they do by clicking here.

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This policy provides the following features
Automatic Extensions covered under Interior Designer Insurance

In this day and age, we know errors can happen in any aspect of your business. When a third party suffers a loss due to your error or negligence, they will look to you as the Interior Designer to seek compensation.

This is where a Professional Indemnity and General Liability Policy with AUZi Insurance can protect you and your hard earned money, your business and your livelihood. Get your Interior Designer Insurance quote today.

Implications of Cancelling your Product Liability OR Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy

Product Liability is an occurrence-based wording. This means, the insurance needs to be in place at the time the incident/injury/damage occurred for there to be a valid claim. Professional Indemnity Insurance is a Claims Made wording. This means an insurance policy needs to be in place at the time you provide the service and at the time of the claim and/or incident in order for your interest to be protected.

If you cancel your insurance today and an incident is notified and/or occurs tomorrow for a product or service you provided last week, you will not be covered. Read more on this here.