Marketing Tips For Beginners

So, you’ve finally transformed that dream into reality, yes? And now you’re thinking… what next? This brand spanking new concept, job, chapter… and it’s all yours to run!

Okay, now it sounds a little overwhelming – well, very overwhelming.

In marketing, your options really are endless. You’ve got content marketing, paid ads, email campaigns, affiliate marketing, social media, networking… with all of these options, it’s difficult to decipher what will best suit your business model. You realise you don’t even know where to grasp those potential customers, or which online platforms they hangout on.

There are obviously many questions that need to be asked about yourself, and your business. Not every marketing strategy is suitable for every business, and adopting every marketing strategy will be so overwhelming – trust me when I say, you will burn out!

It’s undeniable that today, social media is a no brainer – you have to be on there. Because let’s be real, if you’re not, do you even exist? Social media isn’t only good for getting your brand out there, it’s the perfect platform for you to network!

To get you started in marketing, we’ve put together a guide with examples to push you in the right direction.

Who are your ideal customers?

Without writing you an entire textbook, it’s simple… How old are they? Where do they live? What do they do? What problems do they have that you will solve? Do they have a particular taste in clothes? Food? This is an easy one – just get to know your customers! It doesn’t hurt to have a little chat while your processing their order or making their coffee!

For example
I’m opening a marketstall that specialises in Acai bowls, protein smoothies, juices and other kind of fruity treats. Through details that my rewards program requires – I have figured that my ideal customers are aged 18-28, are highly active on Instagram and wear brands such as Lorna Jane.

Where do they hang out?

Are they the type that would spend their Sunday’s at home lazing around scrolling through their Facebook feed? Or would you find them spending their Sunday’s taking advantage of the free yoga at the park? You need to be able to place your product in front of your customer, so this step is essential in deciphering how to do so.My target market spend a lot of time hanging out in inner city hubs, the gym, and love attending fitness events.

What kind of marketing is your forte?

There’s something to entice every personality on board your business! If you love meeting with people and making connections, affiliate marketing and networking events will keep you going. Research the areas that you enjoy, as well as what suits your target market and choose 2.

I love Instagram, I’m one of those people that will spend hours stalking and following my favourite gurus!
Which is a plus since my target audience spend a lot of time on there also, thus – strategy number 1.

Fitness events such as free yoga in South Bank parklands are a perfect place to market my products, or even set up a pop up stall – who doesn’t want an acai bowl after a strenuous workout?! – strategy number 2.

Lorna Jane market stall and takeaway coffee cup
Image - Via Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane has experienced great success and a mass following by marketing her ‘Nourish’ healthy cafe products at fitness events and on Instagram…because that’s where her target audience hang out!

If you still want a life than this is the perfect number – BUT if you believe you can take more on, then go ahead but don’t adopt more than 3 strategies to begin with. Keep in mind, as a business owner you already have so much on your palette… management, accounting, customer service and production doesn’t do itself!

Take your time

In planning the launch of your strategy, there’s no need to dive in as soon as you know what you want to do. There are many things you need to consider – software and design to say the least.

I would take at least two-three months to plan a pop up stall. Things like design and researching a suitable event take time to perfect.

Experiment with your marketing strategy

If you’re so certain you know your ideal customer, then walk through your own marketing experience. The only way to find out what people think when they enter your marketing plan is to live it. This will allow you to chop and change where need be.

If this were all you need to know about marketing your business you would be laughing! But this is a good starting point.

Be creative, share exactly how amazing your business concept is!


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