The Benefits of Dish & Laundry Soap Bars

The Benefits of Dish & Laundry Soap Bars

One Small Step for AUZi, One Giant Leap for Soap & Candle-kind. Rejoice all Soap and Candlers – for the first time, we can now offer you an additional policy option on-top of your already tailor-made Soap & Candle Package. That option is… drum roll… Dish & Laundry Soap – and it gives you greater choice in how you can run your Soap & Candle business in 2022. Not only does it give you greater choice, but there’s so many benefits to using Dish & Laundry Soap!

We’ve had so many of you ask us about this, and we’re so excited to be able to deliver our first step towards a pick-and-choose policy package. 

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Why Dish & Laundry Soap BARS?

They say there’s two constants in life – death and taxes. But we’re a Small Business Insurance Broker… not a life insurance broker, so we prefer to see these constants as Dishes, and Laundry. Neither options are fun, but it makes it easier to segway… 😉

Everyone has dishes to clean, and laundry to wash. It’s an unfortunate reality. But what isn’t unfortunate, is that it means there are a LOT of people needing soap and laundry cleaning products.

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“But who’s going to buy my Dish or Laundry Soap when they can get it more conveniently at Woolies or Coles?”

The smart cookies, that’s who. Between recent anti-competitive corporate scandals relating to laundry soap and price-hiking, the resurgence of small business and local spending, AS WELL as the staggering rise in demand for environmentally conscious products from consumers – now could be the perfect time to break into the scene.

So, What are the Benefits of Dish & Laundry Soap Bars?

As consumer perspectives are changing, and the demand for sustainable products is growing exponentially – people are now looking to toss aside their big-brand laundry pods. Which is much better than when people were trying to eat them… remember that?

Using either Dish or Laundry soap bars can aid consumers in their journey to becoming more sustainable in quite a few ways. Let’s look into it;

Hayley Moeller, Owner of Happy Homesteader Soaps' Gorgeous Dish Soap Bar

Soap Bars Reduces Plastic Waste

In the words of Jack Johnson,  you gotta learn to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

While this one is a bit of a no brainer, reducing the amount of plastic used throughout your products is infinitely important when it comes to becoming a more sustainable business.

Liquid soap needs to be kept in a vessel or a container. What’s the cheapest container to obtain as a small business owner? Plastic. We get it, when starting small you sometimes have to sacrifice a few things. Although, why not leave the soap in Bar form? You can save on plastic packaging, and can wrap it up in super cute eco-friendly packaging – It’s a Win-Win. I hear newspaper wrapping is the new craze.

Even if you’re hellbent on selling liquid soaps, there are some absolutely fantastic ways to break free of the plastic shackles when packaging and producing your product Honestly some of those ideas are SO creative. Your customers will take note, and they’ll love you for it. Have a look below to see why it could be a good reason to start phasing out your use of plastic in the supply chain.

Use Less Materials Making Dish & Laundry Soap Bars

This one is a bit of a mixed bag, so we’ll let you make your own mind up here. On one side, studies into the impact of Bar soap vs Liquid soap indicate that Bar soap uses slightly more water than liquid soap. Although, consumer accounts tell us that you can use less soap, and the suds wash away much quicker than with Liquid soap – leading to less water being used. However, what is irrefutable is the fact that liquid soap requires 5x more energy for raw material production than Bar soap – and not only that, but consumers use 6x more liquid soap than Bar soap while cleaning. That’s a lot of soap to wash down your sink!!

When we’re talking Laundry Soap, it’s pretty easy to see how hand washing your clothes is more sustainable. You’ll use less Water, Detergent, Energy, pretty much EVERYTHING.

It’s becoming more and more important in this day and age to offer sustainable products to your customers. Not only will it aid in increasing consumer trust, but it means you’re making an actual impact in your day-to-day operations. In the quest for a sustainable future, it’s SO important to get consumers on board with using products that are not only better for the environment, but better for your soul. If you’d like to make the switch today, visit your MyAUZi Account – and if you haven’t yet purchased with us as you’ve been waiting, the time is now! Click the Link below.