Market Stall Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for Stallholders at Markets, Fetes, Festivals and Car Boot Sales.

 You’ve got ideas in your head about how to set up your stand, your products are ready to go, you’ve set your prices and you’re looking forward to a good day’s trading – but what about market stall Liability insurance?

Explain Public Liability Insurance to me

Public Liability Insurance with AUZi is designed to protect you against Personal Injury and Property Damage claims arising from your Market Stall Holder activities. For example, while you are bumping into the market, you accidentally scratch the Stall Holder/Third Party’s car next to you with your marquee or table. The Third Party holds you responsible for damages for $3,600 to repair their car. In this instance, your Public Liability Insurance will protect you with a Nil excess.

As a Stall Holder/business owner, claims of this nature and worse can be brought against you at any time. Therefore, it is highly recommended to safeguard yourself from these unpredictable claims. Otherwise, it could potentially ruin not only your business, but your livelihood and all your hard-earned assets – regardless of your industry.

The potential cost of damages doesn’t end there. As someone that sells a product, you should also consider Products Liability Insurance. Products Liability is designed to protect you against Personal Injury and Property Damage claims arising from the products you have sold. For Example, you have sold a hot water bottle which has leaked on your customer causing serious burns. You’ve been deemed negligent (at fault), but your policy will protect you. Please refer to our Excluded Products here.

Please take the time to read the policy wording and exclusions to ensure you fully understand our policy and to ensure it meets your needs.

Want to get down with the nitty gritty of Public Liability Insurance? Square have written a great article that explains it all in depth – read it here.

So, what does our Liability Insurance include?
  • Peace of mind, in case someone seeks compensations from you for an injury or property damage that you are deemed at fault/responsible for.
  • Your choice of $10m to $20m Limit of Indemnity.
  • Option to add Product Liability Insurance Subject to – the above list or approval
  • No limit on the number of markets you can attend
  • No Size restrictions for your stall space.
  • Instany Certificate of currency downloads.
  • Australian owned and operated.
  • Quotes instantly, buy in minutes.
  • Options for 1 or 3 day and 3, 6- or 12-month policies to help you manage your costs and trading season.
  • Make Mid Term Adjustments or add an Interested Party in your My AUZi account at anytime.

As you know, accidents can happen at any time – and often when we least expect them. If someone suffers a loss that is due to your market stall activities, it is all too common for individuals to call upon a lawyer to seek compensation.