Tips for Improving your Market Stall Display

Tips for Improving your Market Stall Display

It’s The Little Things – Here are some ways to Improve Your Market Stall Display.

For any small business owner taking your business to the market is an exciting time. Not only are you getting your name out there but you are displaying your products/services and obtaining direct customer feedback – this is invaluable for any business. But how can you make your market stall fun, warm, and inviting? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you a few useful tips on how to improve your market stall display.

1. Socials - aka. Marketing

It is in your best interest to promote the markets you will be attending. This means, harnessing your social media presence and letting everybody know, where you’ll be. 

This could be as simple as sharing the market event on Facebook or creating a weekly market post to keep your followers in the loop. 

And if you wanted to step up your social media/ marketing game. You could always do a story or reel with a special offer/discount for those who mention the post.- everybody loves a bargain! 

2. Signage - aka. branding

Your market stall should have your name displayed clearly; you want them to REMEMBER your stall. If your name isn’t displayed loud and proud, then you could lose potential customers.

There are a few options for signage such as wooden signs, acrylic signs, canvas signs etc. Have you seen the market stall holder’s social media docks? They are INCREDIBLE and a great way to access and display your socials on your market stand. – Hint, hint, you can include a QR code, that takes them straight to your social, equalling more followers and returning customers. 

And, if you are a fully-fledged Market Stall Holder, you can even opt for a customise Gazebo, this will ensure you stand out in the crowd.

3. Tables and Displays

Your tables and displays are extremely important as they are the foundation of your stall. Make sure you have the correct number of tables that are accommodating to your products.

Investing in a display stand is also very important, if you’re selling scrunchies you want something to prop them up e.g., a donut board. If you’re selling jewellery,  you may want a beautiful hand mannequin that will show off your rings or an earring board to neatly hang and display all of your masterpieces. 

Moose & Dog Woodworking have created the ultimate market stall holder displays. The displays come in all shapes and sizes. These displays allow you to have confidence in what you do, which allows customers to have confidence in your products. Moose and Dog come from humble beings as stall Holders themselves and have built these with your needs at the forefront, meaning they fit in the back of your car,  they’re easy to set up and pack down, they are weatherproof, and more. Sarah from Dearest Sally Snowdrop said, “I was able to increase the price of my products because of how confident I was in displaying them and how I was displaying them, put them in this category of being really important” 

Moose and Dog - Donut Board
Custom built statuesque scrunchie board, aptly named "The Top Shelf" Peg Board - made by Moose and Dog Woodworking
Custom built Earring display and Mini pegboard for the great Dearest Sally Snowdrop made by Moose and Dog Woodworking

4. Decor

Have you thought about how you can dress up your stall? Décor is a great way to make your stall personal, fun and inviting. For example, you may have an eco-friendly brand and you want to empathize this to your customers. Why not have beautiful plants around your stall, I for one would love to see a vine hanging. Another great example is if you have colorful fun earrings, put up colorful pom poms or bunting, etc. This will help draw the customer’s attention and bring them into your stall.

5. Stock, Storage and Organisation

Make room for your stock, be organised, and have some containers that are stackable. If you have a tablecloth over your table, you can put stackable containers underneath. Labelling your boxes with “S, M, L” or “citrus soaps” e.g., will help you find stock quicker so that your customers aren’t waiting. Remember to keep track of your stock, whether this is via your POS system or the good old fashion way – write a list and tick it off as they sell. 

6. Pricing, pricing and pricing.

It’s extremely important to have your products priced, if you don’t it could scare off customers as some people don’t like to ask or to have that awkward conversation. 

You can get creative with your pricing, it doesn’t have to be as simple be a price tag on each and every item.  Plus you can even offer a market day special with 10% off if you buy 3 products or more. 

The amazing Josie Jewels Earrings have a fantastic pricing structure, as you can see featured. (Did we mention, Josie is only 12 years old – this girl is going to run the world one day!) 

While we are on the pricing topic if you are going to offer cashless payment options, such as EFT, don’t be shy to pass the surcharge on to your customer – most people won’t even blink at this. 

Josies Jewels earing pricing
Josie Jewels Earrings - Pricing Structure

7. Set it up at home.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at the event with NO idea on how you’re going to put together your stall. Now that you have everything that you need to make your quirky, fun market stall, put it all together. Setting it up at home is a great way to test out your layout and ensure your stall looks inviting to your customers. There are major advantages to setting up at home such as trialling as many different layouts and looks as you want.

You want to keep your target audience, in mind during this process. For example; if your products are targeted at babies/kids are parents able to walk into your stall space with their pram

Now.... for some more inspo

Business Sign from Pinterest
Photo credit from Island Earth Design on Pinterest
Market Stall Setup including pricing
Photo credit from The Larks Head on Pinterest
Handmade Payment dock from Ember Lasting
Photo credit from Ember Lasting on Pinterest
Market Stall Display with greenery
Photo credit from Folkstore on Pinterest

We’ve come to the end of our 7-tip journey, remember these tips and you’ll have a blooming market stall in no time! Feel free to tag us ( in your market stall photos, we would love to see them.

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