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AICIS: The Basics

AICIS: The Basics

We have created this ultimate guide for AICIS: The Basics. The Australia Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS) is a crucial aspect of the soap and cosmetic industry in Australia. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, you will come across AICIS in your research. Formerly known as the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS), AICIS has been in existence since 1989, providing guidance for Soap MakersCosmetic Manufacturers and chemical importers. While AICIS has been around for decades, it wasn’t always easy to access important information. However, with a rebranding and update of documentation in July 2020, it has become much simpler for soap makers and cosmetic manufacturers/ importers to find the information they need. Despite the improvements, AICIS can still be confusing, but we are here to help, breakdown these barriers.

What is AICIS?

AICIS is a business essential for those intending on selling soaps or cosmetic products in Australia. The scheme has been put in place to protect Australians and our environment from the risks of industrial chemicals. They also provide the necessary information to promote their safe use.

The term industrial chemicals account for a broad range of chemicals used in soaps, cosmetics, adhesives, paints, inks, plastics, solvents, glues and more.

AICIS have created a very quick and easy quiz that will help you determine if you are required to be registered or not, check it out HERE.

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Psst... Did you know it's pronounced 'Ay-Kis'?

What's the AICIS deadline people are always fussing about?

AICIS registration year is September 1st – August 31st every year and they do not offer pro-rata registration ☹

This means your registration starts from the date you register with them and expires on August 31st each year. You must be registered before you introduce industrial chemicals in any registration year.

AICIS: The Important Stuff


Industrial Chemicals Act 2019 replaced The Industrial Chemicals (Notifications and assessment) Act 1989 back in July 2020. This new law has introduced a new regulatory scheme for the importation and manufacture of industrial chemicals in Australia. Replacing NICNAS.

Does this apply to me?

If you Import/Manufacture (introduce) Industrial Chemicals (or products that release industrial chemicals) — into Australia for commercial purposes, you must:

  • Register your business with AICIS and pay a fee.
  • Each chemical imported/manufactured (introduced) must be authorised under 1 of 5 categories. These are – Listed, Exempted, Reported, Assessed or Commercial Evaluation. Check the Infographic below.
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Image by the Department of Health

What's Classed as Manufacturing?

The definition of what is and isn’t classed as manufacturing tends to vary depending on whose Facebook comment you read… Good thing you’ve got us to clear the air 😉

The Department of Health’s website itself deems the following examples (but are not limited to) as Manufacturing;

  • A common example in Soap MakingMixing fat/oils with sodium hydroxide to create soap.
  • The production of soap which involves Saponification.
  • Anything that involves a Chemical Change. This includes some extraction processes done to make essential oils. For example, steam distillation.
  • Polymerisation – the term for combining a large number of small molecules to make a smaller number of very large molecules. This process is often used in the process of making acrylic polymers like nail polish and varnishes.

In general, if you are in any way mixing chemicals (or products containing chemicals) that will result in a chemical reaction, this is classed as manufacturing.

Note: Almost every ingredient used in Cosmetics & Soaps is regulated as an Industrial Chemical under the Industrial Chemicals Act 2019. This also includes any ingredient described as Organic or Natural. 

You asked, we answered

It’s always hard finding the right info. Which is why we put some questions to a few community groups on Facebook. We’ve trawled the AICIS website for you, so that you can spend as little time there as possible. Although a little time still amounts to a lot with AICIS.

Please note that these answers are simply from their website and everything should be confirmed with both AICIS and any other applicable governing bodies first.

Why is AICIS' Registration on a certain date?

I'm Importing Cosmetics, do I need to Register?

If you only import cosmetics and not industrial chemicals, you will still need to register as the ingredients in the cosmetics are deemed industrial chemicals.

The Registration renewals are tied in with their Business Registration year which runs from September 1st to August 31st, every year. The registration year and reporting cycle are set in the Industrial Chemicals Act and cannot be changed, refer to Section 5 for details.

I'm making Hot/Cold Process Soap, do I need to Register?

If you are making a profit (even 5c) from your soap making, YES you need to register with AICIS.

If you are purely making soap as a hobby and not making any profit/money from your hobby, you do not need to register. 

I'm making Melt-and-Pour Soap, do I need to Register?

If you have purchased your Soap Base and other ingredients from within Australia, no you do not need to register. However, you should still be aware of who AICIS is, as their website hosts a multitude of knowledge

More Info

AICIS should be your first point of contact when it comes to starting a Soap and or Cosmetic business. Their website offers endless amounts of information relating to your requirements with labelling, SDS and Packaging, an easy quiz to help you figure out if your products are actually cosmetic items and so much more.

The responsibilities of AICIS are defined in the set in the Industrial Chemicals Act 2019.

AICIS have conveniently created an online checklist for you to further understand what it is, and your obligations. To start your checklist, click here.

If you’re still feeling a little unsure if you need to register, please contact AICIS directly via the details below, as their website is only a guide.
Free call: 1800 638 528  Phone: +61 2 8577 8800  Website: https://www.industrialchemicals.gov.au/contact-us


Note: You should also contact your local Council for their Rules & Regulations on the production, manufacturing and/or sale of Soap in your region.

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