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AUZi Broking is the newest entry to the AUZi family, having been officially established and launched in May, 2021.

In order to close a growing gap within the Insurance industry, and provide as many Aussies with the fantastic services you’ve come to love at AUZi Insurance, the decision was made bring AUZi Broking to life.

AUZi Broking is a sister company to AUZi Insurance, and allows us to write more specialised, tailored policies for our clients. With over 20,000 customers, AUZi Insurance has been covering Australians and their small businesses for over a decade. Although, your businesses and needs are probably expanding. Founder and CEO, Neil Inns decided that this was the year for AUZi to expand also.

AUZi was born from the need to be different. From the desire to separate from conformity and lean into the unknown. AUZi has always been about going against the grain, and we guarantee that we will continue to go where no broker has gone before with AUZi Broking

Your Business is growing. Your livelihood is changing. You may be outgrowing that business model you started with – but you aren’t outgrowing AUZi.

Everything from A to Z” Isn’t just a saying. At AUZi Broking, the insurance possibilities are almost endless. You need cover? Name it and our fantastic Brokers will get it done for you. 

The Team

Quality > Quantity



The Team



This guy knew all too well what an influencer was before us millennials entered his office! In 2013, after 35+ years of industry experience, Neil saw a gap in a traditionally pen and paper industry (yawn) where he could provide public liability insurance 100% online – bringing costs down for those niche small businesses that too often get caught among the big guys.

With a passion for people, customer service and technology, that is exactly what he did. Focusing on becoming an influencer in niche areas that other Brokers often didn’t bother to understand. Since AUZi was born in 2013, we have sold over 30,000 policies! Initially it was going to be a simple lifestyle business. However, he has built a thriving little team of 5 looking after different aspects of the business.

Neil’s slogan – “You’ve got to get up early in the morning to get one past me”. He’s always on the ball keeping everyone on their feet, whether it be in the office, on the golf course or enforcing Friday arvo drinks.

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